We use a robust layered process for docketing, managing and reporting deadlines. This includes automated docket reminders doubled up by manual calendar entries, and further combined with regular scheduled status checks and weekly docket meetings. Moreover, we use a reporting procedure that includes a separate and additional automated process for monitoring follow-up reports until a docket deadline is handled.


We work with our clients closely to prepare and prosecute patent applications, conduct and / or analyze patent searches, and manage their patent portfolios. We formulate clearance and procurement strategies tailored for our clients’ business situations.  We also have experience assisting clients in developing patent dispute strategies and in providing patent litigation support, including as co-counsel in concert with trial counsel. We believe patent litigation experience is important for effectively assisting clients in managing their IP and navigating in the face of others’ IP.

Trademarks & Unfair Competition

We work closely with clients in providing trademark clearance studies, procuring domestic, international and foreign trademark registrations, and managing trademark portfolios.  We provide trademark watch services and regularly represent clients in trademark disputes including initiating and negotiating cease and desist demands. We also have experience in trademark litigation both in federal and state court, including managing litigation and providing litigation support with co-counsel, developing litigation strategies, and negotiating numerous settlements.


We assist clients with strategies for copyright registration, licensing, and enforcement. We have experience in copyright infringement matters, including enforcing copyrights in federal court.

Trade Secrets

We can help clients identify and analyze trade secret rights and draft appropriate documentation to help maintain or secure those rights in various contexts. We have experience representing clients in trade secret litigation as lead counsel in state court.

IP Transactions(Purchases/ECommerce/Licensing)

We assist many of our clients in monetizing intellectual property, buying/selling IP assets, and solving IP issues related to their products or services. We also assist clients in addressing domain name issues, including acquisitions and disputes.