About Us

DWC Law Firm has earned a reputation for providing high quality intellectual property legal services over the past 12 years, tailored to fit our clients’ specific business needs. We maintain and prosecute IP portfolios for a diverse client base (including serving as local counsel for foreign associates). We also have extensive experience in conducting IP due diligence and clearance, negotiating IP transactions, and managing IP disputes, all in a cost effective manner.

Our rates and billing structures are competitive and adaptable due, in part, to our small firm model with developed processes and procedures; however, when additional resources are needed, we have collaborated on numerous occasions with outside IP teams from other firms with whom we have long term relationships. The result has proven to be a flexible cost structure for clients without sacrificing available resources.

We value client input and listen closely to clients when formulating legal strategies. We treat our clients as partners and our many long term client relationships demonstrate our commitment to these philosophies. We welcome and appreciate your inquiries!